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Target Audience

For whom is BirdWatch and what do we want to offer?

Farmers and farming organisationsStrengthen their capacities to employ more sustainable, efficient farming methods
Nature conservation authorities and NGOsSupport them in educating and communicating best practices to farmers
Administrative organisations and policymakersProvide them with the oversight and the tools to evaluate compliance with EU / CAP regulations

More specifically, we want to assist our stakeholders in answering questions, including the following:

Farmers and farming organisations

● Which of my agricultural parcels depict negative properties regarding habitat suitability?
● Which of my agricultural parcels would not pass a compliance review?
● Which of the available greening measures should I choose under the constraints I have to work with?
● Where is the best area within my parcel to undertake greening measures?
● How would the economic value of my parcel/s change in respect to the individual measures I could take?
● How can I ensure that the greening measures I applied are reflected appropriately when I account for my agricultural business?
● Which international, national or regional guidelines do I have to observe and how can I find out which are especially important to my situation?

NGOs, environmental agencies and concerned citizens:

● Which agricultural areas in my region impact the conservation status of farmland birds negatively?
● What is the overall state of farmland bird habitat suitability in my region and its trend?
● Which international, national or regional guidelines are in place that need to be observed?

Administrations, policymakers and other regulating bodies:

● Where would habitat restoration be most beneficial in respect to the overall structural and functional requirements for farmland biodiversity?
● How can I link detected changes in habitat suitability to specific causes?
● What policy changes might still be needed to improve farmland biodiversity or at least halt the degradation of it?
● How can I quantify the success of the policy measures and how can I identify necessary amendments?
● How can I attribute changes in biodiversity to specific stakeholders, such as farmers or farming companies?